Delaware Valley Mensa

The following is a list of elected and appointed officers for 2015-2017.
For more information about the person behind the name, click the "Bio" button to get a brief biography of the officer.
Note: *5 of the 10 elected officers must be present (consitute a quorum) in order to conduct official DVM business.
Voting members of Executive Committee (ExComm) of Delaware Valley Mensa
President (a.k.a. LocSec)* Daniel W. Farrow, IV Biography
Vice President Amy Hillman  
Past President* John Heiple Biography
Treasurer* Joy Gomez-Farrow  
Member-at-Large* Marian Bauer  
Member-at-Large* Jared Cram  
Member-at-Large* Nick Destefano  
Member-at-Large* Mike Fisher Biography
Member-at-Large* Mark Herrmann  
Member-at-Large* Gary Shapiro  
Member-at-Large* Joe Taylor  
Acting Proteus Editor Daniel W. Farrow, IV Biography
Public Relations & Membership Pat Horsley Biography
Program Coordinator Nancy Jarrin  
Additional non-voting Officers
Region 2 RVC Cam Smart  
Scholarships Joy Gomez-Farrow  
Scholarships Co-chair Mike Fisher Biography
S.I.G.H.T. Anne McGuigan  
Consulting Psychologist Dr. Suzanne Schneider Biography
Gifted Youth Coordinator (vacant) Help wanted, inquire here.  
Ombudsman & Legal Counsel Daniel Glennon Biography
Proctor Coordinator Ellen Bauer  
Archivist Pat Horsley Biography
Webmaster Daniel W. Farrow, IV Biography
Calendar Editor Susan Lindsey  
Local SIG and Area Coordinators
SInGles SIG Coordinator Maria Jacobs  
Gen XY SIG Coordinator Jared Cram  
Young-M Coordinator (vacant) Help wanted, inquire here.  
Subgroup Coordinators
Bucks County Regine Brown  
Central Philadelphia Ryan Davies Biography
Delaware County Pat Horsley Biography
Greater Northeast David Brown Biography
Main Line/ Sea Monkeys Elaine Brody  
Montgomery County/ Western Suburbs David Long Biography
Northwest Philadelphia Mike Fisher Biography
South Jersey Shore Nancy Jarrin  
West Jersey Lesley Slepner