Delaware Valley Mensa

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The following is a list of elected and appointed officers through May 31, 2019.

Voting members of Executive Committee (ExComm) of Delaware Valley Mensa
  Local Secretary Amy Hillman
  Deputy Local Secretary Jared Cram
  Treasurer Joy Gomez-Farrow
  Member-at-Large Nick Destefano
  Member-at-Large Jyme Mariani
Member-at-Large Joe Neff
  Member-at-Large Joe Taylor
  Member-at-Large Vacant
  Publications Officer John Heiple
  Recruitment and Testing Chair Stacy Rigney
  Program Chair Nancy Jarrin (
Additional DVM Officers
  Scholarship Chair Lori Stilwell
  Social Media Coordinator John Heiple
  Gifted Youth Coordinator Joe Neff
  Ombudsman Daniel Glennon
  Proctor Coordinator Nancy Jarrin
  Archivist Pat Horsley
  Webmaster Vacant
  Assistant Webmaster Mark Herrmann
  Proteus Editor Jyme Mariani
  Calendar Editor Susan Lindsey
Regional Contacts
  Region 2 RVC Jason Seiler
Area Coordinators
  South Jersey Shore Nancy Jarrin (
  West Jersey Lesley Slepner