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Liberty RG

Liberty RG
Delaware Valley Mensa
is pleased to announce that our 2017 regional gathering
will offer a weekend filled with speakers, games and
tournaments, activities, and 24-hour hospitality.

November 3-5, 2017

For more information, please visit the Regional Gathering page.

Terracotta Warriors of China

January 7, 2018

DVM is coordinating a group to see the famed Terracotta Warriors at the Franklin Institute.

The 2,200-year-old clay warriors were discovered in 1974 guarding the tomb of China’s first emperor.

The Franklin Institute’s exhibition will include more than 160 artifacts including 10 terracotta warriors, weapons, jade pieces, gold ornaments, bronze bells, ceremonial vessels, coins, and architectural pieces.  The display will also feature augmented reality on smartphones.

The group tickets are for 11:00AM followed by a meet and greet in the cafeteria at 12:30PM.  The cost is $25/adult or $19/child (ages 3-18), which also includes admission to the museum.  Retail price for admission to the exhibit is $35 for adults.  In the event of inclement weather, refunds will be issued.

Nancy Jarrin will be holding a yellow helium balloon and your tickets at the Group Check Desk inside the 20th Street main entrance from 10:30 to 11:00 A.M.  Contact Nancy at

To purchase tickets, click here. Payment is due to DVM by December 15, 2017.

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