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Delaware Valley Mensa Announces



    November 3 - 5, 2017


    La Quinta Inn & Suites Runnemede
   109 Ninth Avenue
   Runnemede, NJ 08078

 How Much Does it Cost?

    The cost is only $70 for the weekend through October 31st, and thereafter only $80.  Saturday only is $65.

    The hotel rooms are only $79 per night which has been extended right up until the gathering. 

Who's Attending?

    So far we have registrants from 7 local groups from 6 states as well as our RVC, Jason Seiler.
   If you want to verify that you are registered, click here for a list of registrants.

What Activities are Planned?

     Speakers - 7 speakers talking about a variety of subject for your education and enjoyment

  • The Buffalo Soldiers will be speaking about the history of the 24th Infantry Regiment, one of the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular US Army. 
  • Vic Mariani, a Hindu religious teacher, will be speaking on dreams and meditation on Saturday and leading a meditation session Sunday morning.
  • Amy Spahn, a science fiction writer, will be talking about the writing process (plot structure, character development, etc.) as well as answering questions on the publishing process.
  • Dan Farrow will be instructing on some of the techniques he has learned for how to teach games.
  • Elaina Garabedian will be speaking about the benefits and responsibilities of companion birds.  Her presentation will include videos.
  • Absolutely Abby, a respected career colsultant, will be giving her presentation "Networking for Introverts, Extroverts, and In-between Verts."
  • George Scherer will be presenting "Humor: The Path to Health, Happiness, and Well Being" which will not only make you feel better immediately, but will give you exercises and techniques that will help you better face many of life's challenges.

    Games Tournaments

  • Codenames - teams of two will attempt to give each other clues about the words on the table so that the right ones are selected.  No experience required, this game is fun for even non-gamers.
  • Coloretto - quick card game where you collect sets of colored lizards.  Easy to learn and fun for all.
  • Lords of Waterdeep - a worker placement game in the Dungeons and Dragons world.  Can you be the first to Domesticate Owlbears.  The finale will include the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion.
  • Ticket to Ride - the original game, and a perennial favorite.  Connect destinations with your trains to score points.  The finale will be played on the 10th Anniversary board.

    Trivia Contest - created by Steve and Lesley Slepner

    Meditation Session with a Hindu Swami

   Meet the new RVC of Region 2

    Relax with Jigsaw Puzzles or Adult Coloring Books


Will there be Hospitality?

    Of course.  Check back later for more details, but here is an overview:

  • Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch, and Saturday Dinner are included in your registration
  • Saturday and Sunday Breakfasts are provided by the hotel for overnight guests.
  • Snacks
  • Soft Drinks and Water
  • Beer and Wine
  • Desserts

So How Do I Register?

   To sign up for the RG, click here.

   To make your hotel reservation, call the hotel at (856) 312-8521, and be sure to mention Delaware Valley Mensa.